What Is Bang Holdings' Mission?

Bang Holdings' mission is to build the largest and most effective global digital advertising network for the cannabis industry.

What Is Bang Holdings' Ticker Symbol?

Our common stock ticker symbol is BXNG.

Do You Issue Preferred Stock?


What Exchange Does Bang Holdings Stock Trade On?

Bang Holdings' common shares are traded on the OTC Market.

How Can I Get The Current Bang Holdings Stock Price?

Go to the Investor Relations page, visit OTCMarkets, or another financial portal of your choice.

When Was Bang Holdings' Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

Bang Holdings became a publicly-traded company on March 3, 2016 through a process known as Direct Registration.

Is Your Fiscal Year The Same As A Calendar Year?

We are on a calendar year that ends December 31.

Whom Should I Contact Regarding My Stock Certificate(s)?

You should contact Bang Holdings' transfer agent VStock Transfer, LLC.
18 Lafayette Place
Woodmere, NY 11598

When Is The Next Annual Shareholders Meeting?

We will announce the date and make the materials available to shareholders through the relevant filing with the SEC.

How Many Bang Holdings Shares Are Outstanding?

At April 8, 2016, 22,650,659 shares of our common stock were outstanding.

Where Can I Get Information On The Company?

Our website and SEC filings are the most comprehensive sources for further information.

Where Can I Get Information About Bang Holdings' Board Of Directors?

This link will take you to our Management Team including our Board of Directors.

Who Is Bang Holdings' Independent Auditor?

Bang Holdings' independent auditor is Certified Public Accountants Liggett & Webb, P.A., based out of Boynton Beach, Florida.

Where Can I Get Employment Information?

We are currently undergoing a period of rapid growth and expansion and will be seeking to hire a number of new, qualified employees. We encourage you to periodically check our website for new positions.

What Year And Where Was Bang Holdings Incorporated?

Bang Holdings Corp. was incorporated in the state of Colorado on May 13, 2014.

Does Bang Holdings Have A Direct Stock Purchase Plan Or A Dividend Reinvestment Plan?


Does Bang Holdings Pay A Dividend?

No. As a rapidly growing company Bang Holdings expects to reinvest its cash flow back into the business.

How Can Investors Contact Bang Holdings' Investor Relations?

If you have questions, contact Phillip Sugarman at Investor Relations Partners, Inc.
Phone: 818-280-6800
Email: psugarman@irpartnersinc.com