What better date than 4-20 for Bang Holdings Corp., a digital media company, to announce its intention to aggressively target the gaping cannabis advertising void created by Google.

To date, Google’s restrictive advertising policies prohibit all cannabis-related companies.

Bang Holdings Corp provides content as well as its influencer-based marketing network to the legal cannabis industry, a growing market sector in the U.S. as more states move toward legalization.

“After almost two years and more than a million dollars invested in building the first major digital advertising network to service the cannabis industry, Bang went public last month, catapulting the Company onto the radar screens of Wall Street and the expanding cannabis industry,” according to the company’s media announcement.

Bang could literally cause a bang in what it estimated to be a more than $6 billion market annually — and forecast to potentially grow to $22 billion by 2020.

“However, the advertising policies of Google, along with Yahoo and others, massively restrict cannabis companies from advertising online,” noted the firm’s formal release. “Further, they do not allow mainstream corporations to specifically target the cannabis market. With 68 percent of all Internet searches done through Google, this presents an enormous hurdle for legal cannabis companies to reach interested potential consumers.”

Meanwhile, Bang already reaches more than 10 million potential cannabis customers and — if things go right for the company — it could literally clean up in this advertising sector.

“Bang Digital Media is well along in the execution of our business plan to transform the fragmented cannabis-advertising marketplace,” explains CEO Steve Berke. “Our multi-channel, multi-platform advertising network directly engages around 500,000 marijuana enthusiasts on a daily basis, while Bang’s social influencer network expands our company’s potential reach to 11 million more customers.”